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The Retmex – NOMEX MODEL is a 2-in-1 rescue solution, it allows you to rescue a person and it can be used to extinguish a fire.


The Nomex Model is not just an enhancement but a real revolution, where the best possible protection for rescue teams and victims are concerned. It’s a 2-in-1 rescue solution, allowing you to rescue a person in need and to put out fires

Rescue & Extinguish – Retmex lets you do both When a person’s clothing is on fire, you can use the Nomex Model to extinguish the flames. This unique addition to the rescue sheet makes it one-of-a-kind and allows you to move fast when every second counts. To ensure that you can conquer the most critical situations, the Rescue Sheet is made with first-class materials to ensure quality and durability, retro-reflective straps and highly advanced webbing.

Lightweight improves and maximizes your abilities to move faster, move further, lessen fatigue, and reduce the risk of injury caused by a heavy load, with only 1500 grams, the Retmex Nomex Model is lightweight without compromising on quality or safety.

Phoenix STS is the only company in Ireland authorised to deliver “train the trainer” courses on the use of the Retmex – NOMEX MODEL.


How often can you use the Retmex?

Answer: That depends on the condition of your Retmex after use. The fabric of the Retmex is thin because it should be as compact as possible. Despite the fact that Kevlar is incorporated in the fabric, the fabric will wear out when dragged. The reason is the weight pressure on the thin fabric when evacuating a victim. The surface ultimately has a major influence on the preservation of your rescue blanket. If you slide over stones, bulky concrete or a staircase with perforated steps, the fabric will be damaged more quickly compared to a carpet surface. Therefore, it is possible that you can only use the Retmex only once during a rescue. However, if it has saved a life, it has also done the job. Ultimately there are many different factors that determine the lifespan of the rescue sheet: the surface, the weight of the victim and the skills of the rescuer

What happens if there's a hole in the rescue blanket?

Answer: The rescue sheet is held together by a complex and advanced strap system. Even if there is a hole in the fabric of the Retmex as a result of abrasion (friction from dragging), the straps will keep the product together. Therefore, this doesn’t present additional danger.

What should I do after using the Retmex?

Answer: Check the Retmex for damage and store it. In case of damage, it is advisable to replace it. Have you also used the Retmex to extinguish fire? Do not use it again and replace with a new one.

What material is used for this Retmex?

Answer: The Retmex Nomex Model is made from a Nomex® and Kevlar blend.

Is the Retmex an official fire blanket?

Answer: No, this Retmex cannot be labeled as a fire blanket. There are guidelines that a fire blanket must comply with (e.g. certain dimensions). Since the Retmex has two functions (rescue & extinguishing), it can never be labeled as an official fire blanket. It is therefore not advisable to replace this rescue blanket with your fire blanket in the kitchen. It is mainly used by professional rescuers such as firefighters.

Why was this method of evacuation developed for e.g. the fire brigade?

Answer: The Retmex Nomex Model was created for a fire station in the south of the Netherlands. They experienced situations where they had to evacuate unconscious people from burning buildings. Because firefighters often do not have an extraction or evacuation aid available during these kinds of situations, people are often dragged away directly on the floor. When unconscious people are present in a burning building, it has happened that the skin is burned to such an extent that you can hardly or not drag this person away. If you grab the unconscious person and try to drag him/her to a safe zone, you will pull the skin off (as a result of the burns). Thus, this method of extraction is not only difficult, time consuming and terrifying for firefighters, it also causes serious secondary injuries to the victim.

Does it prevent secondary injuries?

Answer: In the scenario when you need to extract a victim with burns (as described above), this is a plausible claim.

Should I make it standard for my rescue kit?

Answer: No. For example, you can choose to equip certain vehicles of the fire brigade or other emergency services with the Retmex – Nomex Model. The moment you are told on the call that there are still victims inside the burning building, you can choose to attach the Retmex to your kit and bring it with you. You only need to take the Retmex inside in such cases. It is not a standard part of your rescue kit as you probably already have enough items with you.