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Evacuation Ski Sheet

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The Evacuation Ski Sheet is widely recognised, within the healthcare sector, as a vital aid to mattress evacuation of very sick or disabled people from hospital wards and care homes, in an emergency.

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The Evacuation Ski Sheet has been used in some very high-profile fires, the best example of which was the Royal Marsden Hospital Fire, in London, January 2008, when a complete evacuation of the hospital was required. This included the evacuation of the ICU and operating theatres, where one patient was undergoing extensive surgery. Staff at the hospital evacuated more than 40 patients from the fourth floor, on their mattresses, using the Evacuation Ski Sheet, which was available on each bed.

  • The Evacuation Ski Sheet has been safety tested to a maximum weight of 250kg.
  • The recommended safe working load for a Ski Evacuation Sheet is 120kg for two people


  • Beware of imitations or equipment that has not received third party certification; you cannot afford your evacuation aid to fail when in use.
  • The genuine Evacuation Ski Sheet is fitted with seat-belt style IMMI buckles.
  • When considering the selection of an evacuation aid, it is also essential to determine the particular risks that staff may encounter utilising such equipment.
  • This includes pulling handles that are too short for staff to move safely, particularly when descending stairs.
  • Another critical element of an evacuation aid is its construction method; you need to be confident that the device you have chosen is robust, and offers protection to the patient or resident when they are being evacuated.

A product information DVD is available;  it is not intended to substitute for training as no DVD can correct handling errors or bad habits.

Certified training is also available on this product:  Evacuation Aid Training Course.

Phoenix STS is the only company in Ireland authorised to deliver “train the trainer” courses using the Evacuation Ski Sheet.

Evacuation Ski Sheet

Since the changes to the Fire Services Act 1981 in 2003, the Fire Service is no longer obliged to provide a “complete evacuation service” for premises, thus placing the onus upon the business owner and changes in the ‘Disability Act’ – which now states that everyone must have the same right of evacuation in an emergency.

What are my options?

  • Standard
  • Pocket Modified

Laundering Instructions

Answer: Machine Washable. Do not Bleach. Drip Dry or Tumble Dry on a Low Heat. Washing: When laundering does become necessary the buckles on the belts should be fastened, and a temperature of up to 80˚C can be used. To protect the buckles, it is recommended that the sheets should be washed in a bag. Thorough rinsing will ensure that no detergent deposit is left. A disinfectant may be added to the final rinse if required. Drying: A low temperature is recommended to prevent the nylon material from becoming brittle and shrinking.

Does the Ski Sheet come in a bariatric version?

Answer: Although the Ski Sheet has been safety tested to 250kg (39 stone) – which is a lot higher than other mattress evacuation aids currently on the market- there is not a bariatric version available. For bariatric patients, an evacuation aid such as the Bariatric EvacMat should be considered.

What happens if the Ski Sheet is used in an emergency?

Answer: Once the Ski Sheet has been used in an evacuation, it is recommended that it should be replaced.

Are Ski Sheets ok to use with very elderly or fragile people?

Answer: The Ski Sheet is ideal for use with elderly or fragile patients as there is no patient/resident transfer involved. The patient/resident remains within the bedclothes and is protected by their mattress at all times.

Does a Ski Sheet need maintenance?

Answer: See cleaning and care instructions.Should any damage occur to stitching, webbing, buckles or elastics the sheet should be replaced.

Are demonstrations available?

Answer: Product demonstrations are available throughout the UK, Ireland and in other countries subject to availability of consultants.

Is there any training available?

Answer: Training packages are available throughout the UK, Ireland and in other countries by prior arrangement. Training can be conducted as a group session for all staff or as train the trainer sessions for key members of staff, which can then be cascaded down to other staff members by the trained personnel.

How often should a Ski Sheet be laundered?

Answer: To prevent cross contamination, the Ski Sheets should be laundered with every change of bed occupant. If the sheet becomes lightly marked while in place on the bed, it may be wiped over using antibacterial wipes.

How do I launder a Ski Sheet?

Answer: When laundering becomes necessary it is recommended that the buckles should be fastened and the sheet placed in a laundry bag to protect the buckles and prevent any damage to the washing machine drum. Temperatures of up to 80°C can be used and thorough rinsing will ensure that no detergent is left.

Can I uase bleach?

Answer: Disinfectant may be added to the final rinse if required. Do not use bleach.

How do I dry a Ski Sheet?

Answer: The Ski Sheet can be dried in a tumble drier on a low heat or hung out to drip dry.

When do I check the Ski Sheet?

Answer: Visual checks of the stitching, webbing, buckles and elastics should be made after each wash. If any damage does occur, the sheet will need to be replaced.