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Fire Safety Plan

Why Every Business Should Have A Fire Safety Plan

As an employer, it goes without saying that you are responsible for the safety of your employees while they are in the workplace. To ensure you are doing all you can to protect everyone working at your premises, there will be various plans you need to have in place. One of these is a fire safety plan, also known as a fire safety procedure, and this is something that should never be overlooked.

Simply put, a fire safety plan is an incredibly detailed document that covers all aspects of fire safety for your business property. In this plan, you will need to outline things such as; fire safety risk assessments, maintenance required to prevent fires, methods of control to minimise damage from fires and also safe ways for employees to evacuate the building. If you’re wondering why a fire safety plan is so important, keep reading today.

This plan provides peace of mind

There is no denying that your employees will be curious as to whether you have a plan in place, or more importantly, what happens in the event of a fire. They will understandably be worried if you haven’t taken the required steps to protect them at work and this can cause numerous issues amongst employees.

Simply having a fire safety plan will provide peace of mind to all employees that you have steps in place to protect them whenever they are at work. It is also beneficial to ensure that you have at least one member of staff that has undertaken fire warden training and that it is clearly stated who this person is. You can trust that your employees will feel safe in the knowledge that there is someone on the premises who is fully trained.

A plan will prevent panic

In the event of a fire, it is normal for there to be panic amongst employees, especially if you haven’t done anything to prepare for this moment. People will be unsure how to react, where to go and what their responsibilities are at this time. It goes without saying that having no plan in place and not having practised for this moment will cause chaos.

By making sure that you have an up to date fire safety plan in place, you can prevent the majority of the panic in the event of a fire. You can trust that your employees will know exactly how to react at this time thanks to previous drills. Always ensure that there is a clear fire evacuation plan within this plan, so if panic does occur, all employees are aware of exactly what to do in an emergency situation.

Your plan can save lives

This is probably the most important reason why every single business should have a fire safety plan. Remember, you are not only legally responsible for the safety of your employees but, it should be second nature to want to protect those who work for you. If you don’t put in place the required procedures/plans for fire safety, then, unfortunately, injury and loss of life is a highly likely consequence.

Simply put, your fire safety plan can save lives, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have done all you can to protect your employees. The more prepared you are for unimaginable events, like fires in the workplace, the better you will be able to handle things in the event that the unthinkable happens.

Creating your fire safety plan

It is clear to see why it is so essential for every business to have an up to date and accurate fire safety plan, so if you don’t currently have one in place, then it is of the utmost importance to act upon this. The sooner you have the right plan in place, the better. If you have any questions at all about fire safety in the workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix STS today. Our team can provide you with a fire safety consultancy service and answer any questions that you may have in this regard. We can also provide you with a range of fire training courses that are all incredibly beneficial to numerous industries, so take a look at our website today to see what training we offer.

Paddy McDonnell