We also offer comprehensive finance plans for essential life safety equipment. These plans allow you to conveniently spread the cost of critical safety equipment over time, ensuring affordability while prioritising the utmost safety and compliance.

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I’ve used the BodyPod twice this past week and it worked great! Both removals were in homes that were very difficult to navigate a full-size cot. It was easy to use; provided discretion while the family was present; and I felt that overall it presented itself well making the removal classy, efficient, and effortless. Feel welcome to use my name and business as a reference and testimonial for your product.

Eric E. O'Leary


O'Leary Funeral & Cremation Services

Excellent service, high-quality training and developed detailed centre specific policies.

Seamus Killeen


Director and Chief Operations Officer

Knockrobin Nursing Home Ltd

Enjoyed this fire training very informative

Dorothy Thornton



BlackRock Abbey

I would recommend your business highly to anyone

Elizabeth Yorke


Owner/ manager

Kids paradise Creche

Paddy McDonnell and his team have been delivering fire training to the highest standard to the staff in our Nursing Home Group for over a decade. Over that period he has also worked with us in developing and continuously reviewing site specific Emergency Response Plans, Fire Plans and Drills. He is always very responsive, learned and clear with his advice and we can trust that our residents, staff and visitors are in safe hands under his guidance in Fire Safety Matters.

Peter Ward


Maintenance Manager

Silverstream Healthcare

Great product, everything we need to be confident in going about everyday business. So simple and effective for keeping cars and ourselves clean while dealing with the public.

Andrew Mellon


Sammy Mellon and Sons Hyundai