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Wall Cabinet Replacement Batteries – UK lithium & 9 Volt

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Spare batteries for ZOLL wall cabinets

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Having spare batteries available for the ZOLL Wall Cabinet ensures that all the functions of the cabinet remain operational for the first responder during the rescue process.

You never know when a first responder will need to use the cabinet to assist in the lifesaving process after someone has suffered a cardiac arrest.

Battery features

  • Replacement 9V batteries ensure your ZOLL Wall Cabinet is always functioning
  • Helps the cabinet to remain operational, including the alarm, strobing and security code
  • For use exclusively with the 5610 range of ZOLL Wall Cabinets

How to use

Whilst defibrillators use batteries to carry out regular self-checks to ensure all vital parts to the unit are in good working order, batteries that are inserted into the wall cabinet ensure that the features of the cabinet are in good working order in preparation for an emergency situation.

Features such as an alarm-activated door, strobe lighting and a security-enabled entry to the defibrillator all require battery power to remain in operation.