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Thermal Imaging Suit


Due to the size & complexity of this product, this particular product is not listed with a price. To discuss purchasing this product, please enquire through the form below.

Many customers have asked us about a thermal imaging manikin; instead of creating one with this capability, Ruth Lee designed a special suit to dress your existing manikin, giving instant thermal imaging capabilities with more flexibility. The Thermal Imaging Suit was designed to meet the growing demand for teams to train rescuers using thermal imaging technology within the fire service and SAR community.

Thermal Imaging is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. The Ruth Lee Thermal Imaging Suit is a game-changer, enabling faster and more accurate body searches within the fire service in low-visibility environments. It’s also a crucial tool for numerous search and rescue teams, aiding victim location using thermal imaging from helicopters and drones. The innovative Thermal Imaging suit can be worn by any adult Ruth Lee manikin (up to 90kg). Then, a unique overall (included in the price) is placed over the thermal suit to provide protection and help evenly distribute the heat for better imaging using thermal cameras.

Features & Benefits

  • This innovative design was created specifically for Ruth Lee Rescue Training Manikins. Using thermal imaging cameras during rescue training scenarios lets users replicate a highly accurate human body form.
  • Thanks to Severn Park Training Centre and several UK-based fire and rescue services, Ruth Lee has extensively tested this product. During testing, the FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras were used.
  • The Thermal Imaging Suit is easy to put on a manikin or to remove as required. It is constructed from a strong, woven material with a reasonable degree of stretch, which allows for fast heat dispersal across the whole body of the manikin, including a hood that covers the head.
  • The suit is supplied with an overall that must be worn over the thermal imaging suit—this will protect it from damage and prolong the product’s life.
  • The suit, battery, and charger are complete and stored in a Ruth Lee holdall for safe storage when not in use.
  • The suit can be put into the washing machine if it becomes soiled.

Thermal Suit Camera Footage

Battery Features

  • For flexibility in your scenarios, the battery can be used like a mobile phone, whereby the suit is pre-heated and then used for approximately 1-2 hours (depending on ambient temperature—the battery life will deplete faster in colder temperatures), or the battery is attached in a holster on the side of the leg.
  • Having the battery attached prolongs the usage time to approximately 2-3 hours (depending on ambient temperature), which is especially useful for search and rescue (SAR) or urban SAR operations.
  • If the battery runs low, you can plug it in for 30 minutes, giving you 1-2 hours of operational time (depending on the ambient temperature).
  • The battery has a watertight e-o cord connector, a piezo switch, and an over-pressure valve. It also features a built-in blue LED system that shows how much charge remains.
  • One touch turns the battery on or off, displaying the current battery life via a blue LED on the e-or cord connector. The number of flashes indicates the amount of charge left in the battery (3 flashes 60-100%), 2 flashes (30-60%) and 1 flash (less than 30%). If no light is omitted, the battery is fully discharged and requires a full recharge.
  • Battery charger included.