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Standard ProMove Sling for Children/Young Adults


Due to the size & complexity of this product, this particular product is not listed with a price. To discuss purchasing this product, please enquire through the form below.

The Standard ProMove Sling for Children/Young Adults provides a safe and comfortable means of lifting and moving a disabled child/young adult by two or more persons and can be an introduction to hoisting later, allowing the child/young adult and parents to become familiar with slings.

Ideal for holidays and days out to access so many more experiences in places where you cannot take a hoist. The sling is fitted with a 3-point strap crossing the hips and passing between the legs; this is easily removed if not required. CE 2007/47/EC

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The age range shown is as a general guide and you should consider whether your child is large or small for his/her age. The design of the sling is very accommodating, catering to a range of different sizes of individual, hence the overlap between models. All child models have a safe working load of 10 stone (140 lb; 63 kg.), the Young Adult model has a safe working load of 20 stone (280 lb; 127 kg).

Although the sling is intended primarily for manually handling without a hoist, the addition of hoist straps enables the sling to be used with a patient handling hoist of the type that has a spreader bar (not models with a clip attachment). The compact bag is a convenient way of taking the sling and hoist straps with you.

Note: the bag is sold separately. Please ensure you read the Instructions of Use leaflet provided with the sling before usage.

  • Young Adult (Ages 10 – 18)
  • Older Child Ages 8 – 14
  • Younger Child Aged 3 – 10
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 22cm x 8cm
  • Working load limit: 0.8 kg