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Smokers Protective Full Body Cover (Non-Combustible Nomex)

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The Smokers Apron is designed to protect the smoker from burns and stop cigarettes or ash making contact with clothing, furniture or bedding.

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The Smokers Apron is fastened to the smoker with an adjustable neck strap to hold it safely in place but can be quickly removed if necessary, to smother a fire. It has a large area of protection and side panels to prevent cigarettes from slipping between the chair and the smoker.

The temperature of a Lit Cigarette;

  • Temperature without drawing – Side of the lit portion: 400°C
  • Temperature without drawing – Middle of the lit portion: 580°C
  • The temperature during drawing – Middle of the lit portion: 700°C

The above temperatures represent the average and can be considered accurate to within 50°C

If a cigarette is not removed from the apron within a few seconds the apron may be stained by nicotine or scorched by the heat which can be up to 600°C from a cigarette. Always monitor the patient or resident if they are at risk of injury from smoking.