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S-CAPEKIDS Baby Evacuation Mattress

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A life-saving tool for a group that is fragile. Tiny babies and infants are not able to escape independently during an emergency evacuation. Therefore, care workers will need an evacuation device that allows them to evacuate multiple infants or babies without losing precious time simultaneously.

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In an emergency, you must move quickly and safely

With the S-CAPEKIDS Baby Evacuation Mattress, you can safely and quickly transport four children out of the building to safety.

In the case of an evacuation, carrying two babies at a time down the stairs can be dangerous. Besides that, time is of the essence, and the more time you spend going back and forth, their safety could be in danger. That’s why the S-CAPEKIDS was born.

Evacuating four babies simultaneously with only one person might seem like an impossible job. However, S-CAPEKIDS shows that your hospital or day centre can make a significant difference in terms of safety by deploying this device. It’s fast, easy, comfortable and safe for the little ones. The S-CAPEKIDS comprises a padded mattress and four individually enclosed compartments for infants, each featuring a padded head and waist harness system to keep the baby secure. The S-CAPEKIDS is durable enough to move down flights of stairs with minimal disturbance to the children.

The Wall Cover protects your evacuation mattress; with every S-CAPEKIDS Baby Evacuation Mattress you order, you will get an extra green Wall Cover. This allows you to mount the evacuation device to a wall. The evacuation mattress can be easily removed from the Wall Cover by releasing the hook and loop fasteners.  The Wall Cover also protects your S-CAPEKIDS from dust and keeps the device in optimal condition.

Wall Cover

  • Sizes: 80 cm x 115 cm x 24 cm
  • Material: PVC polyester

Since the changes to the Fire Services Act 1981 in 2003, the Fire Service is no longer obliged to provide a “complete evacuation service” for premises, thus placing the onus upon the business owner.

Certified training is also available on this product:  Evacuation Aid Training Course.

Phoenix STS is the only company in Ireland authorised to deliver “train-the-trainer” courses using the S-CAPEKIDS evacuation mattress.

Who's using this evacuation mat?

Answer: This evacuation mattress for babies is used by children’s hospitals, daycare centres, maternity wards, etc. It’s used by organisations where small children and babies are present. These are some well-known users of the S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mattress: Erasmus UMC Rotterdam Utrecht UMC This evacuation mattress is also used abroad, such as at Paisley Park Early Learning Center in Australia.

How often should I train?

Answer: It is advised to train 1 or 2 times a year. This doesn’t need to be an official training, but internal training under the supervision of an emergency respond manager can help keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Always follow the official instructions.

When would you use this evacuation mat?

Answer: When you have to evacuate in emergency situations, you will understand that this can happen both at night and during the day. Actually, an emergency can occur every single day, think of a fire, a gas leak, power failure, smoke development, etc. Ensuring that you are prepared for such a situation and that all departments know what to do is a must to prevent dangerous situations.