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Rotaid™ 24/7 (Indoor and Outdoor)

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Rotaid 24/7 enhances your AED with effective on-line and off-line connectivity that reduces response times and maximizes your chances of saving the life of a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour.

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Your Rotaid 24/7 AED Cabinet With Monitoring is designed and built for the outdoors. An on-board alarm system, built-in heating system and rock-solid construction ensure the best possible protection for your AED investment: not only now, but for many future years. Your life-saving system is monitored 24 hours a day. Any use is immediately detected. Your AED’s operational status is continuously checked and ensured. Any maintenance needs are automatically transmitted to those who need to know. No more physical visits to check your AED’s status are necessary as it’s monitored 24/7.

Rotaid 24/7 comes with its own mobile internet connection, allowing stand-alone operation, in both indoor and outdoor environments, and remote and centralised configurations.

Easily connected via Rotaid’s web-based portal, access to your life-saving system is ensured at all times. Monitoring, changing, adapting and managing your system can be realised anytime, everywhere and with any device.

Rotaid 24/7 assists you in the registration, operation and maintenance of your system. It will automatically alert you when you need to take action. During the lifespan of your system, you can adapt individual aspects as and when needed. Renew your equipment, change your responder team, move your AED location, customise your alarm: Rotaid 24/7 will adapt.