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CIG-UN Wall Mounted Ciglow Flameless Lighter (Indoor)

448.09 364.30 Ex VAT

The Ciglow CIG-UN lighter has been sold since the mid-1960s and remains one of the most popular units on the market. The hard-wearing unit was specifically designed for the world’s toughest environments. The unit is made from powder-coated steel and is fitted with an illuminated push-button and quick change three-pin element. The three-pin plug-in element can be changed without disconnecting the power supply thus eliminating downtime.


The CIG-UN can be supplied with an optionally wired flex so that it can be connected to a mains power socket for increased portability and can also be housed within an IP66 rated lockable enclosure to enable outdoor use and control over the operating hours of the unit.

The Ciglow CIG-UN are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, and similar locations. Ciglow Flameless Cigarette Lighters provide you with greater control over the smoking habits of people on site. This can greatly reduce the risks posed by fire whilst providing a stylish solution to the problem of managing smoking without antagonising and alienating smokers.

Mounting Style;

Mounted onto a wall or similar flat surface and requires connection to a mains power supply through a knockout on the rear of the unit.

Weatherproof Rating;

Rated IP44 and is suitable for indoor use.


Uses the CIG-EL internally mounted plug-in element.


The units have a choice of two options, Manual (CIG-UN) and Timer (CIG-UN-T). The manual option requires the user to depress the push button for the required time to heat the element and light the cigarette. The Timer allows the user to push and release the button allowing the unit to electronically heat the element on a timed cycle. The timer option is ideal for challenging environments where the unit may be exposed to high levels of use and the potential for misuse.

Ciglow CIG-UN