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Carrying Sheet

Due to the size & complexity of this product, this particular product is not listed with a price. To discuss purchasing this product, please enquire through the form below.

This multi-functional sheet has a wide variety of potential uses within the emergency services, It has been designed to facilitate the safe evacuation of a person in an emergency and is particularly useful for manoeuvring bariatric casualties. In addition the sheet could be used to protect casualties during rescues and as an equipment dump (the handles can be pegged to prevent it lifting in the wind).

Features & Benefits;

  • Safe Working Load 600kg (LOLER certificate available on request)
  • This product has been tested to destruction and the failure point was in excess of 4000KG
  • The sheet is closed at one end to prevent anything falling off the sheet
  • Supplied complete with a polyester storage pouch
  • Dimensions: 1800mm x 1200mm (6ft x 4ft)
  • All sheets come with an ID and date of manufacture label, on which you can record your own inspection details

Inspection Recommendations;

We highly recommend that you carry our inspections on this product to ensure that it is always in good condition and fit for purpose. On Acceptance, after use and every 6 months, you should thoroughly visually inspect the carry sheet, paying particular attention to the handles and stitching. Check that each handle is fully secure and intact.

Constructed in waterproof, fire retardant polyester which can be easily wiped clean and will not absorb body fluids. It is a dye woven fabric which conforms to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The carry sheet incorporates 12 handles, placed around all edges of the sheet and which are manufactured from 47mm polyester webbing. This webbing has a break strength of 2,700 kgf min and has a working temperature range between -40 and 180°C.

Carrying Sheet

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