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Bodypod Transfer Mattress

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The Bodypod Transfer Mattress will reduce physical strain for undertakers. It can be used as an alternative for brancards or stretchers when there’s limited space on stairs, when you need to transfer a deceased person in a confined space or when you need to move via a rotating staircase. Going down the stairs is quiet, easy and safe

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Why use the Bodypod Transfer Mattress?

With the Bodypod Transfer Mattress, we want to emphasize more and more ergonomics to create safe, comfortable and productive workspaces when dealing with handling equipment.

  • Forget about having to work with a full-frame stretcher and use the sturdy, compact Bodypod Transfer Mattress.
  • The Bodypod Transfer Mattress that is manoeuvrable completely relieves the employee’s body and offers protection against muscular injury.
  • Deployable on any staircase or corridor.
  • Forget about lifting and let gravity do the work instead.

Research by the University of Sydney has shown that lower back pain accounts for a third of all work-related disabilities. In the funeral industry, it’s pretty standard that workers suffer from injuries to muscles and joints. Data published by World Obesity shows that 2.7 billion adults globally are expected to suffer from obesity and overweight by 2025. Obesity and overweight could eventually lead to more injuries in the funeral industry.

Nowadays, stretchers are used to move a deceased from floor one to the ground floor. However, the problem is that they aren’t as flexible in use. Certainly not on a rotating staircase or in a narrow corridor.

Learn how Pemberley Cremations utilizes the Bodypod

What’s wrong with the functionality of brancards in tight corridors or steep staircases?

The problem is in the frame. Because of their steel frames, they aren’t as manoeuvrable. In other words: you can’t efficiently work with a stretcher in a narrow passage or on a curved staircase. That’s why you often have to do the heavy lifting, and your back isn’t made to cope with that level of strain and pressure. Because 1/5 of the world population probably will be overweight in 2025, the heavy lifting for your staff is likely to increase. Therefore, many funeral employees will encounter physical complaints with their back and limbs that might be even worse than it is today.

It is also essential that staff receive the appropriate training in the use of a manual handling aid. Phoenix STS offer manual handling courses, with face-to-face training and blended training programs available.

Bodypod Transfer Mattress

How to clean the Bodypod?

Answer: You can clean the Bodypod by hand. Use a wipe and a disinfectant. You can also put the Bodypod cover in the washing machine. Place the outer cover in a laundry bag or wash separately from other laundry. You can wash the Bodypod according to the following guidelines: 40 degrees (Celsius), do not iron, low drying temperature, do not bleach

What is the safe working load?

Answer: The safe working load of the Bodypod is 200 kg or 440 lbs. To remind you of this maximum carrying capacity, this is also printed on the product.

My Bodypod is broken, what now?

Answer: Over time, your Bodypod may become damaged as a result of so-called wear and tear. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to renew the entire system. For example, is only the outer cover damaged? You only have to replace the outer cover, which saves a lot of extra costs.

Who's using the Bodypod?

Answer: The Bodypod is used by funeral directors and body removal specialists who are collecting the deceased from the location where they passed away.

Why would you use the Bodypod?

Answer: A body removal can be tough and difficult. Especially when you have to move the deceased via the stairs. Many houses have spiral staircases, narrow corridors or narrow hallways, which makes the transfer of a deceased more complicated. Especially when you use a standard mortuarty cot for this. This means that you have to lift a lot and your back and limbs are heavily strained. In addition, a cot can damage stairs and walls. With the Bodypod you prevent all this.