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Aivia 210 Outdoor Heated & Locked Cabinet with alarm (Fits all ZOLL / Powerheart AEDs) incl.24v DC Power Supply Adaptor

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DefiSign / Aivia 210 outdoor cabinet with auditive alarm and pin-lock

  • Protect your Aed from cold and rain
  • Day/night lighting by LEDs
  • Light sensor
  • Auditive alarm (105 dB)
  • Thermometer controlled heating element.
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Strong lightweight DefiSign / AIVIA cabinets are designed for indoor and outdoor storage for your AED. A clear poly carbonate cover and green polymer base ensure your AED is protected from harsh environments. 

These materials are well known in the automobile industry, among others, giving excellent shock resistance properties. Polycarbonate is used in vehicle headlights and ABS for bumpers.


On the front face are shown the survival sequence and three clear pictograms with instructions for use.
On the sides are AED (English) and DAE (Latin) separated from the logo for the defibrillator (heart broken by an electric spark). 


  • Day/night lighting of the AED compartment by leds with automatic luminosity detection.
  • Opening of the AIVIA is motorised for this model and access to the AED secured by digicode. Optionally, the digicode may be replaced by a proximity
  • badge reader (RFID).
  • One rechargeable battery, optional, guarantees motor operation.
  • Opening the cover automatically triggers a visual alarm (flashing red leds).
  • The audible alarm (95 dB), optional, is activated if the cover is forced open.
  • Heating, optional, is connected to a temperature sensor enabling it to be activated when a minimum threshold of 10ºC is reached.
  • A visual alarm using red leds signals abnormalities (temperature out of range).


Mains power (24 volts DC) allows installation of the heating option and thereby enables location outdoors, on the public way, for example.
AED compartment ventilation reduces excessive temperatures in the AED
compartment, however in the absence of air conditioning, the AIVIA must be
located in shade to avoid heat build-up from direct sunlight.

Dimensions: H = 423 mm, L = 388 mm, P = 201 mm, Weight = 3.5 kg