We also offer comprehensive finance plans for essential life safety equipment. These plans allow you to conveniently spread the cost of critical safety equipment over time, ensuring affordability while prioritising the utmost safety and compliance.


Fire door systems & hardware that help keep you safety compliant, and protect your buildings inhabitants.

Make Your Premises Fire Door Compliant

Fireco products are designed to keep people on your premises safe. Utilising a range of safety features based on years of research and development, the Fireco range They improve access by holding fire doors open legally. When a fire is detected all your fire doors will automatically close. 

Easy Open Doors

Makes opening heavy fire doors effortless

Fire Door Compliant

A smarter way to keep your fire doors open.

Improve Access

Improve access and reduce cross-contamination.

The Fireco Range

Phoenix STS & Fireco

We are a main supplier of Fireco products in Ireland. Work with us for a range of benefits including:

Building Analysis

Get the best from your Fireco products by working with us on inspecting your premises and planning the best application for each product.


We employ teams of certified healthy & safety and fire safety trainers, who can train you and your team in a range of important safety practices.

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If you require more details before making your purchase, get in touch with us and we can discuss the details of the Hospital Aids range.